Overall Grade

A brief mention will be made regarding the overall grade whose details are available in the course of studies document (Prüfungsordnung) from the examination office (Prüfungsamt). Please review the latest version for the current information previously listed under section §54.

General structure

  • The general Master degree consists of 120CP. 60CP correspond to the Master Thesis and the remaining consist of compulsory courses, physics electives, and courses related to the student’s minor. 50% of the overall grade is made-up by the Master thesis.

Elective course

  • From the elective courses, only grades from 18CP are used in calculating your overall grade.  These are weighted as 35% of your overall grade.

Minor courses

  • From the minor courses, all 12-16CPs are used in calculating your overall grade.  These are weighted as 15% of your overall grade.

General remarks

It is important to note that, even though not all graded CPs are utilized when calculating a student’s overall grade, the highest grades obtained can be utilized.  For instance, if a student obtains a 2,0 in a 4 CP course and a 1,3 in another; the student can choose to have the better grade utilized in the overall calculation so long as it meets the requirement as an elective or minor course. Alternatively, if you no longer need graded CPs, it may be possible to only earn the course CPs without obtaining a grade depending on the lecture (e.g. the student may not be required to take an exam).

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