Course Registration

Many international students have become accustomed to registering for courses prior to attending a course.  For the vast majority of the courses in the Physics department at Goethe, this is not the case. One can freely attend lectures and tutorials without needing to register.  

Registration for course materials

In some circumstances, one may need to register for the course in the OLAT-Portal. However, this registration is primarily utilised to distribute assignments, reference material, and send emails to interested members attending the course.

Mandatory Registration

Currently, the only compulsory course that requires prior registration is the Forschungs- und Laborpraktikum‘ or Advanced Physics Laboratory.  Registration is required as one must pick the Institutes that they wish to do their experiments with. The semester is split in half such that the first half the students work with the first institute and the second half with the second institute.  Please see the QIS course page for details on when registration will begin and note that registration can fill up within the first few hours for ‚Institut für Kernphysik‘ and ‚Institut für Angewandte Physik‘.

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